Billy Ocean - Suddenly 

I used to think that love was just a fairy tale  我原本以為愛情不過是個童話故事 

Until that first hello, until that first smile      直到妳的第一聲問候、第一個微笑 

But if I had to do it all again         但若我必須再相信新愛情 

I wouldn't change a thing             我不會再改變這個對愛的決定  

Cause this love is everlasting        因為這份愛將會是永遠的 


Suddenly  忽然間, 

ife has new meaning to me           生命有了新的意義 

There's beauty up above  And things we never take notice of 


You wake up and suddenly, you're in love   你醒來,突然醒悟到已墜入愛河中 

Girl, you're everything a man could want and more   妳是每個男人所盼望的女孩

One thousand words are not enough  To say what I feel inside    千言萬語也無法形容我對妳的感受

Holding hands as we walk along the shore    牽妳的手散步在河畔

Never felt like this before  以前從沒有這種感覺 

Now you're all I'm living for 如今,我是為妳而活


Each day, I pray  每一天,我祈求 

This love affair would last forever  這份愛情能永遠不渝


There's beauty up above 忽然間,生命有了新的意義 

Things we never take notice 生活中充滿我從未注意到的美麗的新事物 

You wake up and suddenly, you're in love 你醒來,突然醒悟到已墜入愛河中 



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